To act, to create, to perform, to accomplish, to cause and to influence … these are just a few descriptions of what Karma is. For us, Karma is the way we discover and enhance our creativity. It serves as a guideline for our work and perhaps even the reason that we, Karim Shalaby and Maurizio Bergmann, came together from Munich and Berlin, to make music. Whether it’s a movie soundtrack, an installation or a commercial, each project we handle gets the utmost attention it deserves. Music and sound design in all forms of media is of great importance to us, so our work is never finished until we and our clients are completely satisfied with the results.

Karim Shalaby

Born in Germany to an Egyptian conductor, Karim was exposed early on to the wonders of classical music. He discovered his own passion for music and eagerly began with the piano. After graduating from his studies in jazz, rock, pop, as well as choral and ensemble direction, Karim has dedicated himself to the musical genres of film and advertising. Through his multicultural background he creates a style of music uniting different musical worlds.

Maurizio Bergmann

A former student from IED Rome, and now based in Berlin, Maurizio demonstrated himself as a composer and sound designer in almost every kind of audiovisual art form. His dedication to electronic music as well as score music led him to develop an especially personal style. He has signed Commercials for major German, French and Italian companies and is presently focusing on movie soundtracks and sound installations.